What are your views regarding the welfare of the Lakes and the watershed?

      A place for people to express an opinion on any topic relevant to the goals of the Bras d'Or Stewardship Society.   Contact us (see box to the left) to let us know about your contribution and we will arrange to have them posted here if deemed suitable.


Genesis of the Bras d'Or Stewardship Society

    Recently we came across a retrospective on the Society written by long-term board member Jim O'Brien in 2007. He recalls why and how the Society came into being and recounts some of its early acheivements. Our membership will find his reminiscences (below) an informative read.


Bras d'Or Lakes UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

    The Stewardship Society hires students each summer to conduct a project focused on its mandate of overseeing the well-being of the Bras d'Or Lakes.  This year, student Natali Fagan produced a video "Biosphere Reserve 101" which is an introduction to these unique natural landscapes and places the Bras d'Or Lakes in a starring role. This 13 minute video is an informative, cleverly constructed presentation which is playfully entertaining and well worth a watch.


Undermining Environmental Protection.......Bill C-38

    In June 2012 The Nova Scotia Institure of Science (NSIS) sent a letter to Keith Ashfield the federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans  expressing grave concerns regarding their perceived shortcomings of Bill C-38.  His reply was received in late January of this year.  NSIS has responded to the Minister's reply this May 3 and this letter is provided below.


Our Environment At Risk

     Recent federal legislation has emasculated our environmental regulations and removed much of the protection afforded by the original laws.  See below for a brief overview of these serious changes.  Let us hope that the Liberal government that came into power in late 2015 can repeal some of this harmful legislation.

Schools Contest

One entry in our recent contest for schools deserves particular mention.  This lovely poem by a Emily Rosta, a Grade 11 student in Glace Bay, captures the dignity and majesty of the Bras d'Or, while invoking a peacefulness with a tinge of melancholy as it recalls the past.


Social and economic impacts of the Bras d'Or Lakes

     A workshop on the Bras d'Or Lakes was held at the friendship centre at Wagmatcook in 2003. Dr. Teresa MacNeil was invited to speak on the social and economic implications of the Lakes to Cape Breton communities in the Bras d'Or.  Her insightful synopsis of the situation, Knowledge - the Magnet and the Glue, is just as relevant today.  

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