The first report here explains how water quality is monitored and shellfish harvesting areas classified.  It also illustrates how water quality has changed over time.


    The second essay gives a history of water level change in the Bras d'Or Lakes over geological time and warns of the imminent rise in sea level and the havoc it could cause.


    The importance of our fresh water supply cannot be overemphasized, particularly as we start to experience the effects of climate change.  An example of the information that can be gained for a small part of the Bras d'Or watershed drained by  Middle River is illustrated in this third paper.


    Sea levels are rising around the world.  What can we do about it?  This report identifies, evaluates and compares options for adapting to the impacts of sea level rise and associated coastal hazards. Although this Primer was prepared in B.C., the information it contains is intended to have national application to Canada’s southern coasts, both Pacific and Atlantic.


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